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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 06, 2005

What a wonderful story on your front page on Oct. 4 describing Juneau's Love INC project of providing a Katrina-displaced family a home with all the essentials. The Katrina calamity devastated the Gulf Coast economically. It has illuminated many different areas of need, and finding housing for dislodged victims is paramount.

Homelessness, however, is not a new issue. For whatever reason one becomes homeless, whether it is a hurricane or other natural disasters or the lack of affordable housing, we need to act to end it.

A comprehensive bill (H.R. 2897), introduced in the 108th Congress, includes resolutions putting Congress on record as supporting housing as a basic human right and a dramatic expansion of federal resources for affordable housing and homelessness programs. This bill, introduced by Rep. Julia Carson (D-Ind.) and John Conyers of (D-Mich.) called, The Bringing America Home Act, is designed to end homelessness.

A lack of affordable housing and the limited amount of housing assistance programs are the primary roots of homelessness. I believe the growing breach between the number of affordable housing units and the number of people needing them has created a housing predicament for poor people, both here in Juneau and down south.

Begin a dialogue with our delegation in Washington, D.C. Don't stop there. Talk with our local leaders and non-profits that could benefit from your involvement either by your donations or in-kind contributions.

Jim Demers


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