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Posted: Thursday, October 06, 2005

Karluk School reopens after three years

KARLUK - When he stepped off the plane in Karluk last month, two of Ken Coles former students welcomed him back to the village and its school, which was finally reopening after three years.

Cole had to look twice. The two teenage boys had grown so much.

Villagers poured out of their homes to greet Cole as he made his way to the school.

"It felt like coming home," he said. "It was a love affair from moment one, great kids, a great community."

In the gym, students had hoisted a banner reading, "Welcome home, Mr. Cole."

"That really brought tears to this old man's eyes," Cole said.

This year, for the first time since 2002, Karluk has 10 students, the minimum number required for a school of its own.

If they keep those 10 students, who span kindergarten to 12th grade, through this month, the school can stay open the whole year.

Cole was the teacher in Karluk when the school closed. In the meantime, he taught P.E. in Kodiak elementary schools and coached football.

The students in Kodiak "have it all, and they take it for granted," Cole said.

In Karluk, students are so excited to be able to go to school that they just won't leave.

Seismic scientists die in truck accident

SEATTLE - The Washington state seismologist and another scientist known for research that could someday lead to more precise predictions of when volcanos will awaken were killed in an accident involving a log truck on the Washington coast.

State seismologist Anthony Qamar, 62, research associate professor of earth and space sciences at the University of Washington, died in Tuesday's crash along with Daniel J. Johnson, 46, a former University of Puget Sound geophysics researcher, UW seismology spokesman Bill Steele said Wednesday.

Qamar and Johnson were on an Olympic Peninsula trip to check on instruments and collect data concerning the "slow-slip" quake that recently occurred off the coast, Steele said.

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