Gross Alaska presents indie film showcase

Posted: Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gross Alaska is bringing four independent films to Glacier Cinemas as part of an experimental four-week showcase.

"Murderball" opens Oct. 14; "Junebug" starts Oct. 21; "Broken Flowers" begins Oct. 28; and "The Constant Gardener" debuts Nov. 4.

Each movie will show for a week, with a special general admission price of $7.50. All four films are rated R. If the films attract a crowd, Gross Alaska may bring more independent movies in the future.

"Some of these films have performed well in the Lower 48, which we think means they'll perform really well up here," said Eric Forst, Gross Alaska manager. "We want to give it a try and have a little more variety in the fall season when we don't have quite as many major films as we do during the summer."

"A lot of times, this depends on the availability of prints, and what else we're committed to playing," he said. "It's not like they have a ton of studio marketing behind them. 'Harry Potter,' we have to play that."

"The Constant Gardener," the latest film from Fernando Meirelles, director of "City of God," was the 12th-highest-grossing film at the box office last weekend. "Broken Flowers," starring Bill Murray, placed 26th and "Junebug" finished 35th. "Murderball" opened a few months ago.

"I'd been reading some of the press down south and seeing what the buzz was on these films," Forst said. "These are a little bit more commercial of the art flicks. I know 'Broken Flowers' jumped out right away. Bill Murray has name recognition. With 'Murderball' I thought the story was really interesting and the film would play well up here."

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