I'd never ride a ferry shuttle from Katzehin

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 06, 2006

This letter is regarding Gov. Murkowski's determination to build the Lynn Canal road as far as Katzehin (well, as far as the Kensington Mine, anyway).

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A shuttle ferry would still be needed to cross over to Haines and up to Skagway. We have at present the regular Ketchikan and Bellingham ferries, which have served us well for many years. We also have the "fast ferry" running from Auke Bay to Haines, and Auke Bay to Skagway. The ferry people apparently do not think anyone might want to travel between Haines and Skagway. Well, we used to - when we could.

I find it hard to understand how a shuttle from Katzehin would be better than the shuttle from Auke Bay. I travel often as a "walk-on," and if the shuttle dumped me at Katzehin instead of Auke Bay, I'd never want to ride it.

Barbara Dedman Kalen


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