My vote is for Choate, Story for School Board

Posted: Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I am voting for Mark Choate and Andi Story for School Board on Tuesday.

Mark Choate has worked hard as board president to increase vocational and career technical educational opportunities for students. Mark started the Juneau Workforce Consortium in order to link educational options with real work needs. I have witnessed a positive shift in board vocational education priority and increased funding as a direct result of Mark's efforts. Both Mark and Andi understand the high level of academic achievement necessary to be successful in today's technical fields and that vocational education includes students who are going on to college or further educational training to enter high paying technical careers.

I also appreciate Mark and Andi's efforts to insist on a more transparent budget process. Both Mark and Andi have volunteered countless hours of their time to better the Juneau School District and I hope they can continue to improve educational standards for all of our students.

Craig Mapes

Construction, Woods and CAD teacher at Juneau-Douglas High School

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