McAdams is the man for Alaska

Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

There are plenty of reasons for Southeast Alaskans (and all Alaskans) to support Scott McAdams, current Mayor of Sitka, for U.S. Senator this November.

McAdams has demonstrated that he is able to work in a bi-partisan manner for the interests of all Alaskans. He supports developing our resources, but in a manner that is safe, sound, and will lead to greater renewable energy and lower energy prices for all Alaskans. McAdams works with schools and supports kids. He supports the inclusion of Native language and culture studies in schools. McAdams understands, uses, and supports marine transportation, as well as roads. He is a good speaker, but more importantly, McAdams is a good listener.

Alaskans should jump on this opportunity to have McAdams represent us in the United States Senate for the next six years.

Kathleen Menke


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