Scott McAdams understands the needs of Alaskans

Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Alaskans will be making an important decision at the polls this November. Whether to elect a man with no political background supported by outside interests and money to represent Alaska, take a risky bet on a write-in candidate or vote for a person who understands the needs of Southeast Alaska and the rest of the state, Scott McAdams.

A few weeks ago I attended the debate between McAdams and Miller held at the Moose Hall in Juneau. I knew little about either candidate and was eager to hear what they had to say. After all, the future of Alaska would be affected by the winning candidate.

During the debate it struck me that Joe Miller was a two-issue candidate who kept referring to the need to get rid of earmarks and regulations that limit development. Remember, he is supported by the tea party which would like to abolish Social Security, food stamps, federal education funding, Medicare and the new health care plan. It was very disturbing to me that he spoke as though all regulations were bad. Just think of what that could mean if regulations regarding mining development were repealed: Pebble Mine could start up and, oops, there goes the Bristol Bay fishery. Is this what Alaskans want, no one overseeing our industries? No regulations on pipeline construction and maintenance, the pharmaceutical industry, food? Sure it would be easier and cheaper for corporate interests but we've already seen the catastrophic results of poor regulatory control.

After the debate I tried to learn what I could about the two candidates. So far I've learned that Miller got a subsistence hunting and fishing permit even though there is no apparent evidence that he needed one and possibly didn't qualify. For someone who doesn't believe in a welfare government, he sure doesn't mind getting what he can out of it. Now we learn that he has never filed financial disclosure forms. Hasn't he talked about the need for greater transparency in some of his speeches? Who is this guy anyway and why on Earth would we want to elect someone backed by a political organization funded by corporate billionaires?

In contrast, McAdams has a solid background helping his community as a leader. He is a consensus builder with an understanding of the needs of Southeast. I trust him to represent me in Washington, D.C.

Patricia Judson


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