Propositions 1 and 3: Auke Bay measure passes, charter commission fails

Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The results for Propositions 1 and 3 in Tuesday's municipal elections proved lopsided, with voters easily approving bonds for Auke Bay Elementary School and soundly rejecting a City Charter commission.

Proposition 1, which will authorize $18.7 million in general obligation funds to be used for renovations at Auke Bay passed with nearly three-fourths of the vote. Proposition 3, which would have authorized a commission to propose changes to Juneau's City Charter, failed by a more than 2-to-1 count.

Auke Bay Principal Lori Hoover said she was hopeful this would be the result and is glad to see the school can get started on several projects.

"We appreciate the Juneau voters who came out and voted and supported Auke Bay School and the renovation efforts," she said.

She said the school will be making decisions on what the school will look like throughout the year. She said part of the efforts will go toward a reconfiguration of the existing space and that will include upgrades to the heating, electrical systems and technology infrastructure.

"The footprint of the building will remain the same but will be renovated to a like-new condition," she said.

Hoover said now the proposition has passed, the next step will be the design process for these and other improvements.

As for Proposition 3, City Assembly member Jonathan Anderson said it was not surprising it failed by a large margin. He said this was about the same percentage it failed the last time it was on the ballot 10 years ago.

"Citizens have been expecting that. They're generally satisfied with our form of government. They're not interested in having big changes to it," he said.

"We've had, over the past number of years, a variety of surveys and mostly they say they're more or less satisfied the way things are," he added.

Proposition 3 appears on the ballot every 10 years. Anderson said he's sure there will still be amendments to the charter in the meantime. They'll just be on an issue-by-issue basis rather than a complete review and revision.

The result was also predicted by Juneau's League of Women Voters, who advocated voting it down. President carolyn Brown said, "If it does anything for us, it ought to encourage us to be familiar with the charter ourselves. It's up to us to keep up with the charter to make those amendments."

The LWV's stance on the proposition was that revising the entire charter would be an unnecessary complexity when it can currently be amended as needed.

All results remain unofficial until they are certified Oct. 12.

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