On with life
Betsy Fischer's most recent letter-writing campaign has raised a lot of questions for me, too. What is her agenda? What is the root of her personal dislike for Jim Powell? When is she going to get on with her life?

Vengeance is not ours
Hey everyone, suddenly we're flush! Billions of dollars changing hands gestures of goodness, wealth and deceit: a $300 tax refund for every American; $40 billion instantly allocated for war and victim reparations; a $365 billion defense budget, $250 million in Afghani aid. Also announced, new lower gas prices nationally. Only, is anyone sure George knows how to balance a checkbook? I've heard a lot of talk about digging in, being patient, that the war on terrorism could last decades, and bolder: that it will be covert and deadly. I shake my womanly head in disgust.

A civilized approach
My next-door neighbor opened his garage door last night to let his dog out. Two bear cubs came in, and Mama tried to follow. It was quite a ruckus.

Security for you
On Sept. 11, thousands of innocent people lost their lives to an outrageous terrorist attack on our country. The attacks could have been worse and may not be over. Following these attacks, our government, trying to protect us from further harm, ins

Successful hunt
Having left Juneau over 10 years ago, I had forgotten the generosity and hospitality that is so prevalent here. Mike Higgs and I started up the Taku for some moose hunting on Friday, Sept. 29. After a tangle with a sand bar, our outboard jet suffered from overheating that could not be corrected readily. Bill Corbus and this paper's publisher graciously hauled us into the Taku Lodge where we were greeted with five star hospitality. As a past resident of Juneau, I realize that many locals do not know the jewel of a wilderness experience that the lodge offers. Combined with the gourmet meals and setting in front of a glacier, Kenny Ward offers an experience that should not be overlooked. Our trip continued Saturday, and after another encounter with a sand bar we were again traveling at half speed when Bill Corbus again came to our rescue with the aid of Gordon Hallum who housed us and provided better transportation for our hunt. We did not take a moose, but we had a remarkably successful hunt! Thanks to all who provided this Alaskan hospitality.

A night on bear patrol
The stark evidence of a bear's visit was apparent near medical offices on Hospital Drive before dawn one recent morning.

United Way kicks off SE campaign
Because of the ease of giving through automatic payroll deductions, some contributors call United Way "one-stop shopping" for region charities.

The evolution of Juneau's bear problem
A timeline of recent bear action in Juneau

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

The 28 member agencies of United Way of SE Alaska:
United Way list

Around Town
Juneau Events

City gets out of the business of killing bears
Two weeks ago an irate citizen summoned Juneau police because a bear was in his neighborhood. When officers arrived he demanded they shoot the bear on the spot. He was furious they wouldn't.

Final election count shows no changes
JUNEAU A final count of ballots in Tuesday's city election showed no changes in the outcome of the races.

What you can do to avoid attracting bears
* Sort trash and keep food in a separate can. Bears are opportunistic and if they have to work too hard they'll find an easier meal. They may knock a can over and paw at it but if they can't open it and don't get much encouragement from odors they will move on.

Why the bear problem hasn't been solved
Five months after passage of a city law meant to keep garbage out of reach of bears, violations are rampant, enforcement is rare and educating the public remains more goal than reality.

Books: Suspense on Alaska's high seas
A review of "Coming Back Alive: The True Story of the Most Harrowing Search and Rescue Mission Ever Attempted on Alaska's High Seas" by Spike Walker (St. Martin's Press, hard cover, 268 pages, $24.95.)

Perseverance to charge schools
Juneau's public schools will have to start paying a dollar a student for Perseverance Theatre's InReach education program after the school district last week turned down the theater company's request for some free use of school facilities.

Nettleton Column: Those baggage carousel blues are mostly black
Standing around at the baggage pickup area in the airport is always a combination of restless expectation and dread. As the first few bags appear and are unclaimed to go around and around, many of us begin thinking of all the reasons our bags have not appeared. They should have because we boarded last and our bags should have been first out, but they aren't and it isn't fair. Pointless logic is only engaging for a short time, then we simply study the strangers' bags that trundle past. Ninety-six percent of the bags are black or a shade of green or blue so dark as to be indistinguishable from the black ones. Why is that?

My Turn: What if there was no one to help?
What's the hardest thing you've ever done? There are so many ways to answer that question. For me, at 49 and rising at 3:26 a.m.

Empire editorial: A community divided
The election generated a lot of talk about division in the community. Since our editorial page serves as a high profile waypoint for airing out public opinion and commentary, some have pointed the accusatory finger at the newspaper. A couple of letter writers have even gone so far as to blame the newspaper and its publisher for creating the division.

Debating across a widening chasm
This is about John and James, residents of a distant town, and how the events of Sept. 11 have driven them apart. I offer it as a mirror to our community and maybe our souls.

Crimson Bears dominate JIVE
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team said it was excited to play its first home games of the season in this weekend's Juneau Invitational Volleyball Extravaganza, and they gave their fans a lot to cheer about.

Empire Cup Standings
Here are the standings of the Southeast Road Runners club's Empire Cup runners series through the end of September. Please see the note at the end if corrections are needed.

Dimond crushes Juneau, 31-0
The dream season of the Juneau-Douglas High School football team turned into a nightmare Saturday night as the Crimson Bears dropped a 31-0 decision to the defending state champion Dimond Lynx in the first round of the state football playoffs at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park.

Young Juneau swimmers show improvement at Ketchikan meet
By taking a skeleton crew of younger swimmers to Ketchikan this weekend, the Juneau-Douglas High School Crimson Bears didn't expect to win the team titles of the Ketchikan Invitational swimming and diving meets held Friday and Saturday at Ketchikan's Mike Smithers Swim Pool.

Sports in Juneau
Sports events

Football statistics: Lynx 31, Crimson Bears 0
Saturday's playoff game at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park

Grand jury indicts Haines man for murder
JUNEAU - A Haines man has been indicted by a Juneau grand jury for murder stemming from his alleged involvement in the beating death of his uncle.

Lawmakers seek OK to appeal John case
JUNEAU The Alaska Legislative Council has asked the U.S. Supreme Court for permission to appeal the Katie John subsistence case.

Alyeska slows spill on pipeline
ANCHORAGE A temporary clamp has stopped the leak in the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, and officials late Saturday expected the pipeline to resume operations this morning after a permanent fix was made.

Legislature can sue redistricting board
ANCHORAGE The Alaska Legislature can sue to challenge the plan that redraws the state's political boundaries, a Superior Court judge said Friday.

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