The evolution of Juneau's bear problem

Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2001

1987: Twenty-one urban bears shot in Juneau.

2000: Five urban bears shot in Juneau.

Summer 2000: Juneau police receive more than 1,000 calls about bears.

September 2000: Community members begin informal patrol to document urban bear activity.

November 2000: Mayor Sally Smith organizes the ad hoc Urban Bear Committee. The group meets and offers first recommendations.

May 2001: Juneau Assembly passes garbage ordinance.

June 2001: Police are directed not to shoot bears unless human safety is a compelling factor.

July 2001: Mayor disbands bear committee.

August 2001: Mayor re-forms bear committee when problems persist.

September 2001: Police log more than 1,000 calls about bears over the summer. Alaska Department of Fish and Game receives 300 to 500 calls.

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