A civilized approach

Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2001

My next-door neighbor opened his garage door last night to let his dog out. Two bear cubs came in, and Mama tried to follow. It was quite a ruckus.

Last week, a bear filled our well-secured garbage cans with tooth holes and spread garbage all over the place. Several times before that, bears walked by and around our house. Earlier in the summer, one destroyed our two bird feeders. The next day, I got rid of the bird feed and rebuilt the feeders. However, he'd discovered the source of vittles and came back the next night. My wife shooed him off as he was destroying one of the feeders again. And so it goes.

I didn't report any of these incidents, for this is bear country, and they are to be expected. Therefore, I'm puzzled at the long list of bear sightings published every day this summer. It was apparent, from the sequence of street names, that, often, a single bear was wandering through a neighborhood.

I deplore the archer who shot the bear at Lemon Creek, not to mention the foolish children who threw rocks at it. I got close enough to a bear on the Taku River to see an oozing bullet wound in the shoulder, and I was saddened by the bullet wounds found in the bear struck down near Engineers Cutoff.

Do I have a solution? No, I don't, but I hope for a more civilized approach to our furry neighbors, who often act more civilized than many of us two-legged animals do.

John B. d'Armand

Auke Bay

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