Vengeance is not ours

Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2001

Hey everyone, suddenly we're flush! Billions of dollars changing hands gestures of goodness, wealth and deceit: a $300 tax refund for every American; $40 billion instantly allocated for war and victim reparations; a $365 billion defense budget, $250 million in Afghani aid. Also announced, new lower gas prices nationally. Only, is anyone sure George knows how to balance a checkbook? I've heard a lot of talk about digging in, being patient, that the war on terrorism could last decades, and bolder: that it will be covert and deadly. I shake my womanly head in disgust.

Does anyone else feel there's a grand scheme at work, rushing us into a borderless, a nuclear disaster, the complete ruination of our rights and civil liberties, a new world order that is nothing natural? I fear for my children.

I don't accept that war is good for the economy this idea only demonstrates and intensifies the failure of our government. It is unnerving to discover that our president is articulate, fluent even, in the ways of war but simple, inexperienced and quite disinterested in the ways of peace and prosperity at home and abroad. As an APOWer, allow me to remind everyone that there are options still available to us that will not dearly cost future generations a deadly environmental holocaust, incomprehensible violence and the ultimate loss of human rights and civil liberties. Please think of the children. Question your government, and say with absolute conviction, over and over again, "A lemming, I am not." Vengeance is not ours, thank you.

Chris Joy


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