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Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2001

On Sept. 11, thousands of innocent people lost their lives to an outrageous terrorist attack on our country. The attacks could have been worse and may not be over. Following these attacks, our government, trying to protect us from further harm, instituted many blanket security measures. Yes, some of these measures may seem harsh and limiting. Other measures are being considered. Over time, those what work and those that aren't needed will be sorted out. They are all an attempt to protect people.

For the last two days I have read letters to this paper from individuals that are most "put out" by closure of the trail around the airport. Isn't is horrible that they might be deprived of their nature walks? I mean, it has been over three whole weeks since the attacks. To begin with, the nature trail, which is actually an airport emergency access road, has not been closed, and there are other trails. Some security officials were only considering it. Your petty complaints at this time only give credence to the common belief that too many Americans are unwilling to commit to a long-term effort in the war against terrorism.

It is probably true that closing the trail at the Juneau airport won't be much help in this war or increase aviation safety. I suspect it won't close at all. Instead of whining about things that might happen, try to remember that the measures that have been implemented and those being considered are only an initial response in an attempt to protect you.

There are those in the world who would take your life simply because you live here. Be a little patient with those trying to help.

Kevin Kempton


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