'The Mommy Dance': a personal perspective

Posted: Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I read Christine Schmid's review of the play, "The Mommy Dance," and felt the need to reply on a personal level. I have had the opportunity to observe Jill Bess (the actress and writer of this play) and my twin brother, Joe, raise their children. They are both loving parents that are devoted to their children, and yes, at times, life is chaotic in their home, but that is just a small glimpse into their world and into the world of majority of parents.

Jill provided a realistic view of the trials and tribulations of motherhood, both in a humorous and dramatic manner. Jill has the integrity to be honest about the realities of motherhood, which I can better appreciate being a new mother to our adopted son.

Many of my friends and colleagues have either approached me or called expressing their gratitude towards Jill for sharing real stories about motherhood. It's not all a tidy package - there are many challenges, and yes, obviously, MANY rewards. There are many unspokens about motherhood, which Jill brings up in her play. It is those unspokens that Jill portrayed so well, and confirmed to mothers, that "Hey, I'm not in this alone...other people are experiencing this as well."

Thank you Jill for having the courage to share your family's stories. The play that you wrote and performed was outstanding!

Jan Neimeyer


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