Wheelchair users not bound to them

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 07, 2004

I wouldn't call Glacier Valley School's top fund-raising student (Empire, Oct. 4) "wheelchair-bound." She already uses a wheelchair; she's not "bound" for (or to) one. With the kind of drive and determination that girl has shown, I'd say she's "bound" for success in life.

If she didn't use a wheelchair to get around, would you call her "sneaker-bound?" I don't think so. In fact, she's not "bound" to that wheelchair at all. She uses it to get from place to place. But it's certainly not the most compelling thing about her.

A story about the obstacles she has overcome in her young life might be more appropriately headlined: "Wheelchair user successfully negotiates downtown sidewalks, despite inadequate curb cuts and stares from onlookers."

A story about her amazing ability to raise funds for a cause she believes in is inspirational.

Jenifer Shapland


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