Past time for women's issues

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 07, 2004

Do women have opinions? Do they want to express them? Are they ready to see changes in our society, locally and nationally? The answer is resoundingly yes. And that is why with the help of our media it took only a few posters and word of mouth to bring 140-plus women to a rally last Saturday.

What do women care about? It's no secret. They care that many single parents have to hold three jobs to afford housing and child care. They care that children sleep in our streets. They care about poverty. They care about a ridiculous health care system that is both unaffordable and, for many, unattainable. They care that children drop out of school. They care that schools are inadequately funded.

And why are women concerned? Because our politicians think it's better to build more prisons than commit money to education. Because our politicians think it's OK to build a $100 billion defense system, but it's not OK to find the monies to make Head Start programs available to all our children. Because society thinks it's OK to strip our rain forests, pollute our waters and air for immediate and temporary financial gain.

But women in concert, on Saturday said, "No it's not OK." It's not OK now, it's not OK next year and it's not OK for us to further condone insane priorities.

And what do women want to work on? They want to build community. They want to place value on all our people, regardless of age and ethnic background. It is time. It is past time.

Andrea Doll


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