Headlight season

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 07, 2004

Sadly, summer has come and gone, and with it, the long hours of daylight. It is time to turn on your vehicle's headlights. At dusk and dawn I see (barely) many drivers who don't think their lights are needed yet, perhaps because they reason they can see the road just fine.

Once young and naive, I too thought, "I have great eyesight. I don't need my headlights on." Now that I'm a bit older and a little wiser, I know the purpose of having your headlights on at dusk or dawn is not only so you can see better, but so others can see you.

I wonder if the car that killed the woman at the Cordova intersection recently had its lights on? If it had, would the woman be dead now? It is so imperative that when on the highway, turning in front of vehicles and driving through areas where children and other pedestrians are walking, that you can be seen.

Many newer vehicles don't have the option of turning lights off; they are always on, even in broad daylight. Think about why manufacturers believe this is an essential element in safety consideration. I urge Juneau motorists to take the initiative not only to turn their own headlights on, but also to bear the responsibility to flash their lights at oncoming vehicles that do not have theirs on. Our community will be safer for this small effort.

Kelly Parsons


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