A road, not a bridge, is a key to a strong economy in Juneau

Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2007

In response to Juneau Assembly member Jeff Bush's boasting that a second bridge crossing to North Douglas is the answer to Juneau's economic woes, I say the following.

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Bush does not name any big businesses with outside money that would locate there, because there are none. For a business to import raw material to build an end product that must be shipped to the Lower 48 to market is ludicrous.

Building a road would lower shipping cost that would help alleviate this problem; therefore, a road should be on the front burner, not a second crossing. I am not against a second crossing, but it should be done in proper sequence.

I would hope that a young couple in Juneau trying to buy a $350,000 house can see through a political platform such as this and get the real facts on what will move Juneau's economy forward.

Allowing the Kensington Mine to come on line and building a road out of Juneau will do wonders for our local economy and help young people to buy that starter house.

For Juneau residents to continue to follow the environmentalist with the big bag of outside money is a very dangerous thing. This choice will eventually lead to the loss of the capital and more dependence on tourism. We will then be in the same boat as Skagway, where 80 percent of the money goes south come Oct. 1. I like tourism, as I am proud of where I live, but let's give our young people a chance to remain here in Juneau.

A good strong economy is the key to Juneau's housing problems, not the Band-Aid fixes I see by some political candidates.

I could say that I don't care, as I am retired and own my own home, but my wife and I were once young and just married here in Juneau, and so we realize the struggle to purchase that starter house.

Dick L. Dau


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