Vote results unchanged after final ballot count

Posted: Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Juneau Clerk's Office tallied the final vote count Friday afternoon by adding 1,524 absentee ballots and 587 questioned ballots to the final Oct. 2 election night count.

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City Clerk Laurie Sica said the absentee and questioned ballots did not change the election outcome. They rarely do in any election and never have in Juneau, she said.

Those votes tend to follow the trends from election day polls, Sica said.

The change that did appear in the final numbers was a widened gap in various election victories.

The gap in the tightest Juneau Assembly race between Johan Dybdahl and Marshal Kendziorek for the areawide Assembly seat grew from 1,180 votes on Tuesday to 1,299 votes by Friday with the addition of absentee and questioned ballots.

The victory vote shutting down the pro-fluoride camp's prospect of fluoridating Juneau's water also grew from a 1,843-vote majority on election night to 2,174-vote majority by Friday.

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