Meds might be forced on arson suspect

Posted: Wednesday, October 07, 2009

PALMER - Prosecutors say a Wasilla man who admitted burning his father's house down should be forced to take anti-psychotic medications.

Robert Montecelli allegedly told Alaska State Troopers that God told him to set the February 2008 fire that displaced six of his relatives.

Many of the ensuing court hearings have revolved around whether the 29-year-old is mentally competent to make legal decisions for himself.

Superior Court Judge Eric Smith accepted a guilty plea from the suspect, but the defense later moved to have the plea withdrawn after Montecelli was ruled incompetent.

Prosecutors this week asked the judge to allow the Alaska Psychiatric Institute to medicate Montecelli against his will.

The defense is expected to argue the medications won't help Montecelli's competency.

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