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Posted: Sunday, October 08, 2000

Location, location

A recent advertisement promoting the environmental protection efforts of Crowley Alaska states: "The key to working in Alaska is making it appear like you were never there." The professed success of the fuel, tug and oil-spill response business may be more true than one might imagine, if one takes a close look at the two-page, full-color mountainous shoreline scene highlighting the Alaska Airlines magazine ad. The scene is not coastal Alaska, but coastal Chile, thousands of miles away in South America, an alert reader pointed out.

Timing, timing

Convention planners promoting Alaska tourism got some help from Mother Nature last week. The Alaska Travel Industry Association's Fairbanks gathering was punctuated by an after-dinner show of the northern lights. "Talk about amazing!" said Mark Ittel, a project manager for the Miami firm of Bermello, Ajamil & Partners. "That in itself was so worth coming here."

Oh, Martha!

We had to look hard for misinformation in Martha Stewart's report on her August trip to Alaska, but we found it. On her Web site report, she calls the Mendenhall "the state's largest glacier, which lies just outside the capital city of Juneau." Several others are larger and it's part of, not outside, Juneau. Picky, picky, picky.

An accurate count?

Juneau's top two mayoral candidates had a bit of lip-biting to do when the race remained close right down to the wire. It would have been easier had Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School students done all the voting. We're told one class, maybe several, reviewed the candidates' statements, then voted unanimously for Sally Smith. Every one of them.

Conspiracy theory

He's been blamed for everything from the spread of Satanism to a boost in sales of flashlight batteries (by kids who stay up late reading about him). But now it's been suggested Harry Potter played a role in Tuesday's election. The immensely popular series of books champions a young man who overcomes incredible odds against stronger, more experienced forces in a somewhat surreal educational environment. See any parallels with Dan Peterson, the little-known JDHS student who out-polled two incumbents and a longtime teacher to win the most votes in the Juneau School Board election?

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