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Posted: Sunday, October 08, 2000

The hatchet job the Empire did on Jamie Parsons' reputation was the most base, inaccurate and despicable action I have seen in my lifetime. This man has given more time, effort and thought to the welfare of our community than any other single person in this town. He served Juneau for the good of Juneau for 28 years and never once took credit for the hundreds of accomplishments he personally produced for us. Jamie Parsons is the most honest, open and honorable person anyone could hope to know.

Do you and the other fools that produce the trash story have any idea what the evil advisory boards that Jamie served on actually do? The evil boards are made up of local volunteers that make recommendations to disperse donations to local nonprofit groups. That is all. These local boards have nothing to do with how Alaska Airlines or Holland-America are operated. Are you saying that Mayor Egan and Lt. Gov. Ulmer are also crooks for having served on these very same boards while in office?

Thank you for ratcheting up our community differences of opinions to a new tone of hatefulness. And you wonder why no thinking person wants to run for office.

Charlotte Rudolph Richards


Neither Mr. Parsons nor anyone else was characterized as a "crook" in the story to which you refer. Regarding accuracy, it is Empire policy is to correct factual errors, misspellings, etc. - Editor

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