Vote yes on Ballot Measure 1 this fall

Letters to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 08, 2000

On Nov. 7, the citizens of Alaska will be asked to vote on the important issue of how the wildlife resources are to be managed.

Since statehood, Alaska's wildlife resources have been managed by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the Alaska Board of Game with valuable input from scores of local advisory committees and concerned citizens from every corner of the state. The result has been the restoration of wildlife resources to healthy, abundant and -- most importantly -- sustainable levels through wise scientific management and Alaska common sense.

Unfortunately, a disturbing trend has become increasingly common over the past few years that directly threatens the wildlife that we, as Alaskans, hold dear. This trend is the dedicated effort of outside forces, particularly special interest groups, to influence Alaskan game management policies through the tools of ill-advised initiatives, nefarious lawsuits and smear ad campaigns. These tools, funded by massive cash contributions of outsiders, satisfy the specific agendas of these elements without regard to the wise management of Alaska's wildlife resources or the welfare of Alaskan citizens in general.

Fortunately, on Nov. 7, we can put an end to this intrusive threat by voting yes on Ballot Measure 1. By passing Ballot Measure 1, all Alaskans can ensure that the management of Alaska's wildlife resources will be made by Alaskans for Alaskans.

Jim Gruwell

President, Ketchikan

Sports and Wildlife Club

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