Proof needed before United States strikes

Posted: Tuesday, October 08, 2002

I listened carefully to a talk by Mr. Scott Ritter, Republican, ex-Marine, and former weapons inspector in Iraq for seven years. He is a wealth of information with actual hands-on experience in war and in Iraq examining factories and sites where weapons had been destroyed. He knows firsthand. President Bush does not have the actual experiences he has had. Mr. Ritter urges all Americans to ask very simple questions of the Bush administration.

1. If Iraq (i.e. Saddam Hussein) is such a real threat, and really does have all the fearful things Bush is telling us, Why are the Europeans and NATO against our pre-emptive bombing and killing of Iraqis? (In fact, who, other than Tony Blair, agrees with the U.S.?)

2. How does the Bush administration know all these things? Where is the verifiable certainty?

I mean photos and other real proof - and don't tell me it's too much of a security risk to reveal photos and verifiable evidence before we send off our young men and women to die in a far off country.

Now is the time to pay attention, really read, listen, research, talk to others. Democracy is only as good as its people make it. That's us folks. What are you doing? How will you feel when your cousin, your brother, your sister is killed. And you did not even take the time to really understand that our country was planning an invasion of Iraq. It's serious. Twenty-thousand Marines are being mobilized at Camp Pendleton. Three expeditionary wings of the Air Force are being readied. Boeing has delivered the requested gps guided missiles. Our military is being armed and mobilized. Are you ready to send Americans to die in Iraq without real proof?

President Bush and his administration say very fearful things that seem to make a great case against the demon Saddam. I think it is very appropriate and fair to ask for verifiable proof. Why can't they give that to the deserving American people?

Sybil Davis


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