Best choice for Alaska is Fran Ulmer

Posted: Tuesday, October 08, 2002

I have been part of an Alaska fishing family for over 50 years. I understand how important it is to organize our fishing operation for maximum effectiveness. I decide or help decide who will be best for each job, and sometimes that means that not everyone gets to do exactly what he or she wants (including me).

The choice we have in this election is whether Fran Ulmer or Frank Murkowski will be best for us as governor of Alaska, and whether taking Frank Murkowski and his seniority for Alaska out of the U.S. Senate is our best use of available personnel.

Why would we take one of our most experienced Washington, D.C., crew, Frank Murkowski, out of that job and take one of our most experienced and knowledgeable Alaska crew, Fran Ulmer, off the team? I would not have survived over 50 years in the Alaska fishing business if I made crew choices like that.

We need our elected officials working where they will do us the most good.

Fran Ulmer has been working with us in Alaska for the past 20 years. The best choice for Alaska fishing families includes Fran Ulmer as governor of Alaska.

Vote for Fran Ulmer for governor on Nov. 5.

Eric Jordan


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