Teachers support Ulmer for governor

Posted: Tuesday, October 08, 2002

As a teacher and a parent, my No. 1 concern is for the education, health and well-being of the children of our state. For that reason, I strongly support Fran Ulmer for our next governor. She is a candidate with a plan that benefits families by supporting schools, child care and health.

Fran's plan includes inflation-proofing the education foundation formula so that our schools and universities can be adequately funded. She supports a capital budget that addresses maintenance of school facilities and construction of new schools where they are needed. She also favors two-year budget cycles that will enable future planning for schools and others who rely on state and grant funding.

Over the years, Fran has demonstrated her commitment and concern for children by being present where it counts - in our schools. In addition to her consistent involvement as a parent of two children who attended the school where I teach, she also mentored a young girl through our reading mentoring program.

I consider Fran Ulmer to be the ultimate role model for my daughters, age 9 and 12. Not only is she smart and articulate, she is also difficult to ruffle. She teaches us all by her example. The November election provides an opportunity for Alaskans to show our intelligence by voting for Fran Ulmer.

Luann McVey


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