Egan not a race track

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

To the fine gentleman in the silver Toyota pickup who felt it his divine right to swerve in and out of traffic on Egan Drive, offering the "California Howdy" signs to those impeding his race to be the first to the coffee maker this morning:

This is Juneau, not California. And while you were swerving in and out of traffic this morning, my daughter and I were counting the number of times you changed lanes (we gave up at 10 between the hospital and the high school) and waiting for that moment when your karma caught up to you and caused a pileup.

I, too, commute on Egan Drive daily and I readily admit my frustration at the nice folks who feel obligated to drive 45 mph in the left lane from McNugget to town, slowing the flow of traffic. However, I leave early enough to accommodate such annoyances in the morning. Sir, I would urge you to either leave your home sooner each day or attend anger management counseling in order to maintain the safety of the road. Given that your vehicle is relatively new and you are clearly in a hurry to get to where you are going, I cannot imagine that you would enjoy six weeks of riding Capital Transit to work whilethat truck is being repaired or replaced because in your morning haste you got into a fender bender. Not to mention the insurance payout to the other vehicles you will damage and skyrocketing premiums you will incur.

Kathleen Collum


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