Why do people destroy?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Senseless killings, random acts of violence, religious murders, invasions and waste of resources are daily fare these days. Ever wonder why? I know each situation has its own unique reasons where both sides have very logical sounding arguments. But I'm looking beneath that, deep inside us all at the pre-dispossession human beings have to decide issues of the day with the application of force, almost always leading to destruction of something or someone. What makes us go there so quickly and easily? After careful consideration, I think throughout human history right and wrong has been determined by who was stronger physically and better positioned. I know, you're shocked. But as simple as that sounds, I believe it has deeper implications.

Looking at the world today you could sum it all up in one one statement: might makes right. Conflict is a prime ingredient in the daily life of all organisms on this planet. Competition for food and territory creates conflict; from the demented denizens of New York City to the vibrant animal life of the Serengeti. Conflict in the board room selects the new CEO and it anoints in blood, the ruler of the lion pride. It's nature's way of deciding whose genes go forward, who leads. If I am stronger I lead; if weaker I follow or die. But unlike the balanced simplicity of the nld, we humans suffer many abuses of power; too many strongleaders with hearts of pure evil. Where does the idea of a higher power enter into this equation? What happens when we look up for guidance? According to the words of religious figures, God manages the the march of humanity by bestowing his grace on those who best express his will.

Today there are people all around the world trying to kill each other to prove the superiority of their view of God's will. So many, in fact, you need a detailed scorecard to keep them straight. The prize: the winner gets to write the history books. All I know for sure is this: a big strong thug can be defending his God or just kicking your butt for pocket change - either way the strongest and most determined usually win. But the strongest don't always see things through the eyes of those they dominate. What I want to know is; what we are supposed to do with these brains we were given? Do you suppose God wants us to really use them? Not just to find better ways to kill and dominate - we could to use them to evolve to the point where right and wrong are no longer dictated from the barrel of a gun. I believe this secret hope is what keeps our spirits up while we are part of this life.

That's my take.

Edd Webb


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