Kadashan misses the mark

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Kadashan ought to be ashamed of himself. His Oct. 5 editorial unapologetically insinuates that atheists are somehow incapable of good. This is an absurd claim that can only come from a person too ignorant of the facts to realize that atheists can be every bit as decent and moral as anybody else. In fact, given the string of clergy members who are now going to prison for abusing children, I'd say a strong argument could be made that atheists have the upper hand when it comes to "decency" and goodness.

He also brings up the reconstructionist claim that this country was somehow founded upon Christianity. Funny, though, since none of the Founding Fathers thought to put such a provision in the Constitution. In fact, of the 10 Commandments, only three are in any way relevant to the laws of this country (murder, theft and perjury). And it is ridiculous to claim that without the 10 Commandments we wouldn't still have laws against these actions.

Yes, this is indeed a religiously free nation as Kadashan mentioned, but that does not mean people are free to use the government as a vehicle to further one's own beliefs. The government is, as it should be, religiously neutral. Only this way can all religious beliefs - Christian and otherwise - flourish.

John Collin

Burlington, Mass.

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