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Thank you letter

Posted: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

On Sept. 10, Auke Bay School held it's first ever Pies and Pottery Silent Auction to raise money for the arts. The outpouring of enthusiasm and participation from our community for this fund raiser was overwhelming. Beautiful platters and vases were donated by local artists. Close to 100 desserts were created and donated by our school community. It was truly a sight to behold and affirmed our belief that we all recognize how important art is in the lives of children as it supports their growth and academic achievements in a multitude of ways.

Our heartfelt thanks to parents, teachers and Principal Dave Newton for supporting our efforts to raise money to enhance Auke Bay School's art program. Our warmest of thanks to the following individuals who so generously donated original pottery: Sue Deems, Marcia Miller, Nancy Lehnhart, Mary Hakala, Sandy Darnell, Brenda Taylor and Joe Roth. A very special thank you to Harborview Elementary School parents for sharing their ideas to help make this event a success.


ABS Art Committee

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