Vote your conscience

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 08, 2004

Obviously, not every one will agree with me, but in America, we have a civil means of sorting out our differences. It's called the vote.

The last 50 years, I have read newspapers, magazines, and watched TV news reports to keep current on national issues like Vietnam, the Cold War, Iraq, taxes, welfare and social security. I've held positions of responsibility and raised a family in Juneau. My three children are also responsible adults. Based on my life experiences and observations, I clearly come down on the side of pre-emption, bold projection of power and holding people and governments accountable for their actions.

I prefer workfare over welfare, less taxes instead of more taxes, and private ownership of wealth over government debt-funded social security. Policies that coddle children, people groups, or nation states are irresponsible governance. Policies that provide real security and significance for individuals, people groups, and responsible nation states are the ideal in my view. These policies are compassionate in the long term.

I think the president is doing a fine job. May God bless America, and give me the discernment, wisdom, and strength to vote my conscience.

Harold Moeser


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