Liberals, unions cause damage to the nation

Posted: Monday, October 08, 2007

Environmentalist, unions and liberal Democrats have done irreversible damage to the economy of the U.S. These groups go about doing things to achieve their goals, but they have the same impact on America. They have all ruined the manufacturing base of the U.S. and have sent it overseas.

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Environmentalist have seen to it that oil is not drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and then they turn around and scream that we are too dependent on foreign oil and we should seek alternatives that are costly. Like rabid animals, the unions continue to bite the hands that feed them. Case in point. The United Auto Workers union decided to go after General Motors, because Ford and Chrysler were not doing so well financially. Right off the bat, they decided not to bargain in good faith. Let's face it, many positions in the auto industry are overpaid resulting in overpriced vehicles that don't last or perform as good as Japanese autos.

The Democrats are complicit by allowing both of these groups to damage the American economy and force business overseas. They all complain that we are losing our footing as an economic power, but have no problem over-taxing and over-regulating business to the point that it's just not worth doing business here. Alaska, more specifically, Juneau, is a microcosm of this problem. All citizens want economic stability, but too many environmentalist start whining about cutting trees to build much-needed infrastructure and so forth.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be put to a vote by the citizens of Alaska and should not be held hostage by environmentalist and the 9th U.S. "Circus" court of Appeals, which ends up falling on the same side as terrorist nations by keeping America at their mercy.

Pete Webber


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