Murkowski, Miller same sides of the corporate coin

Posted: Friday, October 08, 2010

A cynical observer would find Sen. Lisa Murkowski's write-in bid amusing. She lost her primary because she was so busy mounting a hate-campaign against President Barack Obama and the federal government that she didn't pay attention to Joe Miller's hate campaign against her. Oops! Now she's back claiming to be a moderate, asking the Democrats she so recently despised to vote for her. Her claim? Miller is an extremist.

Miller, she says, wants to destroy Social Security. Funny thing is, when President George W. Bush was trying to the same thing back in 2005, Murkowski and the Republican Party stood squarely behind him. I remember getting a letter from her that denied the simple mathematics of the privatization scheme then in play, as if I was too stupid to understand it. Handing America's retirement to Wall Street is a Republican goal, not just Miller's.

Lisa, along with her party, has been adamantly against the kind of financial regulation that would break Wall Street's death grip on this country. She made sure the six huge banks that profited most from the bailout were not inconvenienced by major reform afterward, let alone broken up. She'll continue to do the same. So will Miller.

Murkowski is against campaign finance reform. So is Miller. She is against any serious attempt to lower greenhouse gas emissions. So is he. Murkowski is against any health care legislation that would get between corporations and their profits. So is Miller.

She has no intention of addressing America's complex future challenges other than the tried-and-failed ideas of Bush and the Republican Party. Neither does Miller.

Many Americans have chosen to flee into a utopian fantasy world of an America without government regulations, despite the fact such a country is easy pickings for those who would institute corporate rule. Similarly, some Alaskans seem to be buying into the fantasy Murkowski represents anything but corporate rule. Miller may not be honest about his own federal subsidies, but he's pretty straight up about his contempt for people's government and his plans for it. The only reason I can see to vote for Murkowski is if you prefer being stabbed in the back, rather than the front.

If you want a country of unregulated corporations wielding absolute power, either Joe or Lisa will do. If not, I suggest you consider the candidate who actually is a moderate, Scott McAdams.

Stuart Cohen


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