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Posted: Monday, October 09, 2000

Now that the election in Juneau is over I must comment on what I consider was one of the meaner campaigns in Juneau's history. In my 39 years of living in Juneau (1941-71 and 1981-90), I witnessed many and participated in more that a few campaigns.

In this election, the noise issue was a contentious one due to its effect on so many people. I can understand both sides, but what I'll never understand is why a few (Kirby Day, Betsy Fischer and Jack Cadigan) felt that it was necessary to make personal attacks on those who worked on the other side. What sent me over the edge was Kirby Day's letter to the editor attacking Kim Metcalfe-Helmar for remarks he claims she made to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce. Kirby Day knew very well what Kim meant, and his twisting of her words to suit his company's purposes is beneath contempt. I can hardly imagine a less appropriate role for Princess Lines' spokesman than to be a mudslinger during a local election.

Kim is my niece and I can't tell you how proud I am of her. I know these past few years could not have been easy on her or her family, subject as they have been to anonymous threatening phone calls and hate mail.

We all love Kim very much, and I know how proud her parents (Vern and Pat McAlister Metcalfe) would have been of her.

Nadine Price


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