Statewide tax cap is a ridiculous idea

Letters to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 09, 2000

Some people say the vote on the tax cap initiative is about money. I believe it is about community. The small amount of money individuals save on their property taxes will come at a high cost to our community. It will mean no new high school. It will reduce opportunities in employment, recreation, education and the arts. It will take control over local decisions away from Juneau's citizens.

The proponents of the initiative started out saying Alaskans are being taxed for nonessential services, like education. Later they changed their tune to say we are spending more than is necessary on education. Tell that to the kids attending the overcrowded high school in Juneau.

Another argument they use is that government is bad and needs to be disciplined. This argument is no better founded than the one about education, but I have a suggestion for people that feel this way. If civilization is too much, they should give life out in the country a shot. Somewhere far away from any government, where they can chop wood and haul water whenever they want to take a hot bath.

The proponents of this initiative also can't refrain from telling us that we are being oppressed by high taxes. Everybody in my family just got a check from the state government for $1,963. Alaskans haven't paid a state income tax in over 20 years. We don't have a state sales tax. The excessive tax argument has got about as much basis in reality as their other arguments. I can't think of a single reason why I should vote for this ridiculous idea.

Please stand up for our town in the face of threats from those that would tear it down to save themselves a few bucks. Please vote no on Ballot Initiative 4.

Geron Bruce


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