Community effort needed for security

Posted: Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Perhaps the FAA and airport officials don't realize the extent to which Juneau locals and their guests use the airport dike trail. We look upon this trail as the one, sure means to enjoy whatever bit of sunlight we might have a chance at, and it is a trail anyone who works in the valley can access during a lunch hour.

In all the years I've walked this trail, I've never seen anyone be other than appreciative of the fact that we have such wonderful access to the wetlands. Walkers, joggers, babies in strollers, hunters and bird watchers all manage to share the space in a polite, friendly manner.

If there is indeed a security problem that the airport officials feel must be addressed, perhaps it could be approached as a community effort to educate and solve. Rather than ratchetting up the security and locking the public out, why not let us be part of the solution instead of labeling us to be part of the problem?

Deanna MacPhail


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