Muñoz will be effective

Posted: Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I am going to vote for Cathy Muñoz for the state Senate, because I think she has a better chance to be an effective senator than the present incumbent. She will be in the majority, with a good opportunity to serve on important committees such as the finance committee. Cathy previously served as finance chairwoman on the Juneau Assembly. The incumbent as a member of the Senate minority failed to get confirmed to serve on the finance committee.

Cathy is a peacemaker who works well with all opinions. She is a lifelong Juneauite. Cathy served seven years on the Assembly and had a leadership role in the reduction of our property taxes.

There are going to be many new people in the Senate and I believe it is going to be a very progressive one with new ideas, new solutions and a moderate middle-of-the-road approach to solving our problems. Juneau more than any other community needs to be represented by moderation. We need someone in the Legislature who is going to make friends and respect opposite points of views.

Ronald Peterson


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