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Posted: Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Mike Doogan's article in Sunday's Anchorage Daily News sets out good reasons why Murkowski is now trailing Ulmer in the omnipresent polls. And he goes still further when he correctly analyzes that the Murkowski team's wild attempt to link Ulmer to some "ugly" environmentalist agenda is just not working.

Doogan also correctly observes that in this day of acute awareness, the 21st century, even the most conservative group of Republicans and Democrats is quite aware that our home planet Earth is definitely in some major degree of serious trouble. Which is due directly to human apathy, greed, and even wrong-headed ignorance. So Murkowski calling Ulmer an "environmentalist" with a mission just won't cut the political mustard anymore.

Now, if Murkowski is to heat-up his lukewarm race for top political dog in Alaska, then his team needs to wallow back through the "facts-stacks" for some mud that actually has sticking power.

Meanwhile, as they go frantically about that, it becomes plainly obvious we must all demand they spend meaningful quality-time setting up well-advertised, live media debates, where they can attempt to answer lots of good, hard, creative questions such as, just how do they intend to resolve those myriad, and specifically unique problems that Alaska faces, while not using the same old destructive solutions used in 20th century USA?

For example, this seemingly unified and coordinated mad race to see who has the cleverest ideas about how to develop and turn into profits one of the very few and last remaining wildernesses on earth.

Since it will likely be one or the other of these front-running contestants we will actually hand that responsibility to, we need to hear now from each one of them, and in some considerable depth. We need to hear some really creative solutions to very hard questions, ones that are sure to affect all Alaskans and non-Alaskans for literally generations to come.

Alan Munro


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