Murkowski has better school plan

Posted: Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Fran Ulmer's campaign is doing its best to make you believe she has a detailed education plan. I've read it: she doesn't.

She has two primary proposals. First is spending $13 million more per year to inflation-proof education funding, which would likely go to non-classroom expenses such as districts' rapidly rising insurance rates. Second, she would spend $50 million more per year to add 10 days to the school year. Fifty million dollars would be better spent for smaller class sizes, bilingual education, better curriculum, and other - better - ways to improve student achievement. No wonder she supports a statewide income tax!

She also advocates a two-year education budget cycle (opposed by school districts), teacher recruitment incentives (proposed by the Legislature but nearly ignored by the Knowles/Ulmer administration), and education experts to help low-performing schools (already in progress). Fran Ulmer's plan lacks serious substance in one of Alaska's top issues - education policy.

Alaskans are too smart to fall for sound-bite campaigns. Frank Murkowski has a comprehensive, specific education plan to solve the challenges facing parents, students, and education professionals. Murkowski would use Alaska's resources, not taxes on Alaskans' income, to fund education and other state priorities. Read his real education plan at and vote for Frank Murkowski on Nov. 5.

Karen McCarthy


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