Palin does the right thing, even if unpopular

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Posted: Monday, October 09, 2006

I am impressed with Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Palin, because she is not afraid to do the unpopular thing when it is the right thing. I watched Sarah when she became the mayor of Wasilla. She took that city from the red into the black in a very short time, with the help of the good people she chose to help her. Her approach was not a popular one, but it was the right one. And roads got repaired, sewer systems were improved or installed, and taxes went down or remained the same. Fiscal responsibility was achieved. This is what I want to see in Alaska's governor.

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I can understand Peggy Smith's concern for her friend who, at the age of 16, chose to fly to New York and have an abortion. Nevertheless, like it or not, abortion has been a form of birth control for many years now, not just used for pregnancies caused by rape and incest. I worked in an Alaska hospital in the early 1970s, when abortions were performed there. Two cases stand out in my mind because both of the girls came in for their third abortion. They were not even 19 years old. They both told me that it was their choice to have sex and that "the state would pay for abortions but not birth control pills." I know there were more like these girls who were misinformed and misled into believing that garbage by "well meaning" pro-choice groups.

My question to Peggy is: Did her friend go back home where the incest occurred or did she choose to get help and remove herself from the situation? Did you try to get her professional help when she said she would end her life?

Sarah has my vote.

Sandy Renhard


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