Extreme tactics

Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2002

Opponents of Fran Ulmer are using some of the most baseless, extreme tactics to vilify their opponent that I have seen in my 24 years in Alaska. Frank Murkowski is apparently steadily slipping in the polls as he continues to avoid the issues and throws out unfounded ideas based on ideology rather than common sense. But to slur longterm and hard-working Alaskans as the SAFE campaign is doing is stooping too low to save their candidate.

I have had the honor of working with Deborah Williams on the Board of the Alaska Conservation Foundation for the past three years. If ever Alaska and Alaskans had a devoted advocate for a bright future for our state, Deborah is it. Similarly with Jim Ayers, who has been my neighbor for over a dozen years and is absolutely dedicated to expanding economic, transportation, and hunting/fishing opportunities for Alaskans. To call Jim anti-commercial fishing is ludicrous to the extreme.

If you have ever heard either Deborah or Jim speak, you would know they both represent the broad mainstream of Alaskans who value vibrant communities based on strong economies and the continuation of a healthy environment that is the reason 80 percent of Alaskans cite as why they live here.

Thank you Deborah and Jim for your decades of contributions to Alaska, and pooh-pooh to Murkowski supporters for stooping so low as to try to smear your record and years of dedication to all things Alaskan.

Ken Leghorn

Trustee, Alaska Conservation Foundation


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