War leads to more war

Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2002

A week ago President Bush let slip that his intentions about Iraq come at least in part from a family grudge, Hussein being "a guy that tried to kill my dad."

Last month President Bush announced his new "doctrine" that we should strike first if we think we are threatened. This "doctrine" does not require our government to prove anything or that the threat be of imminent attack.

If we go down this path, we set precedent for all other nations to follow - abandon restraint, attack your enemies. We can count on a high cost across the globe in lives and misery.

We know starting a war with Iraq will have a huge price in money and lives. We don't know if it will succeed or what success is. We will alienate much of the Islamic world and who knows who else. Violence may spread across the region. We may precipitate Hussein's use of the very weapons we are afraid he has. We will very likely suffer terrorist responses. And we might lose much of our oil supply, which would cripple us.

Perhaps worst of all, none of our government's response addresses the fundamental causes of conflict. Do people hate us because we are so good and they are so evil? Among other things, recent headlines on scandals and corporate greed may suggest it is not that simple. Any response that fails to address the causes of conflict cannot make the world better.

Acting on hatred and fear will only multiply hatred and fear.

William B. Walker


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