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Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2002

I would like to tell everyone what a wonderful opportunity you have on Nov. 5 to put Cathy Muñoz in place as your senator. She would be the shot in the arm that Juneau needs. It is very important that Juneau be represented with majority members, and Cathy fits the bill nicely.

Action is what is needed to help Juneau retain it status as the home of the Legislature. Cathy has the energy and enthusiasm to get the job done. With her past experience on the Juneau Assembly she would be a well-informed senator for Juneau and that's what you need. I have spent much time with Cathy and know she would be of great benefit not only to Juneau but also to Southeast Alaska as a whole.

We need legislators with a vision for the future. Cathy knows the importance of tourism, transportation, fishing and economic development to Juneau and will be a great help to Juneau and all of Southeast Alaska as your senator.

As a member of the majority I have watched over and protected the interests of my district and with Cathy as your senator she will be in a position to do the same. Working together, Cathy Muñoz and I will be able to channel benefits and opportunities to Juneau and our whole area.

State Rep. Peggy Wilson


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