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Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2004

In last Sunday's edition of the Empire, we all received a copy of the voter guide, which provided us with information we needed to cast our votes. Proposition 2 had a full page devoted to its explanation. I for one welcomed the idea that we needed to do maintenance on the elementary schools, and provide accessibility for those with disabilities. As I read on I became concerned about two points. One is that the money was supposed to be for a new high school, not the lower grades. As we did approve on Tuesday going ahead with the new school, these funds should have been invested until it was time to plan and build. Chances are by the time the new school is built, there will be need for these funds due to cost overruns anyway. The grade schools should have had their own bond issue with a full financial disclosure of the costs in the proposition.

Secondly, later in the article we were informed that of the 18 million to be spent, roughly 33 percent of the money would go to "nonconstruction costs such as design ... administration ... ." That portion is $6 million. Does this seem excessive to anyone else?

There was no mention in the article where one could find more information on the proposition. It seems by the way we passed the item that we all just trust the government to spend our money wisely.

Bill Solberg


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