Skagway's ironic road stance

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Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2004

I just finished reading the article about the Skagway City Council wanting to designate the Dewey Lakes area an official recreation area. Skagway Mayor Tim Bourcy acknowledged the proposed Juneau to Skagway road was one of the triggers that started them looking at designating this area as recreation. If previous votes are any indication, it appears the majority of Skagway residents oppose the road.

Now comes this back-door attempt to block construction of the road, which I feel is a cheap shot indeed. During the summer of 1975, I worked in Skagway as a laborer on the construction of the Skagway-to-Carcross Klondike Highway. It's kind of funny that the entire time I was in Skagway that summer I did not hear one single Skagway resident voice opposition to the Klondike Highway construction. Now 30 years later a group of Juneau residents thinks it would be nice to have an affordable option for access to the outside world and suddenly these same Skagway residents come out of the woodwork and say "we can't have that." What's up with that?

Staying on the Juneau-to-Skagway road subject: I know there are a lot of Juneau residents that oppose the road, which is evidenced by their letters to the editor. I posed a question to them in a letter to the editor a while back and still have not heard a single response. The question was, "How do you respond to people that would like to have access out of Juneau but simply cannot afford to fly or take the ferry?" I like the ferry system and have enjoyed many trips on it over the years but there are more people in Juneau than you would guess that the ferries are simply cost prohibitive for. What do you say to them?

Charley Larson


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