Save it for Rush Limbaugh

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 10, 2005

Before Mr. Wirtz (letters to the editor, Oct. 4) levels across-the-board racism accusations against Sealaska or anyone else, perhaps he ought to research his subject. Not all employees of Sealaska, Doyon, Goldbelt, Arctic Slope Regional Corp., or any other Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act corporation, are necessarily shareholders. There is no stipulation that 100 percent of employees need be Native, or that none others need apply. Like any corporation, Sealaska (or Doyon, ASRC, CIRI) would sooner hire a qualified applicant with a law degree to fill a lawyer position over hiring someone with no other qualification than being Native.

These corporations are responsible members of Alaska communities, and contribute to the Alaska economy in many significant ways. From Mr. Wirth's comments, one might suspect that these corporations were instead mere fronts for subversive ideologists bent on racist anarchy. Mr. Wirtz, please save your fearmongering for the next time you call in to the Rush Limbaugh or Dan Fagin Show.

Allan Hayton


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