Outside interests skewed fluoride debate

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

While I do not consider myself to be overly astute politically (I always seem to vote for the candidate who does not get elected), I feel confident venturing the guess that the side in favor of returning fluoride to Juneau's water supply seems to be concerned about much more than the dental health of the defenseless little children of our town.

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Where did all the money they spent in this campaign come from? Certainly not from local campaign contributions. The disparity in spending on the two sides is truly astonishing. When outsiders concern themselves and contribute so vigorously to a local election campaign, I am led to believe that there is more at stake than meets the eye. It is in an instance like this that I believe the phrase "special interest" is best applied.

The Citizens for Safe Water raised their funds from local small contributions, and Citizens Promoting Dental Health raised most of their campaign funds from an outside special interest group. It may be legal but it really seems to unfairly skew the debate. This is pretty slick stuff for Juneau.

Ted Heslin


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