Tools of the trade

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Joe Orsi gave the second presentation of the Southeast Alaska Master Gardeners Presidents Lecture Series last Friday at the Mendenhall Valley library.

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Orsi is a past MG president and helped get the Juneau Community Garden off the ground. For several years, he headed up the carrot research project in the Master Gardener test plot at the Community Garden. This year, Orsi harvested 138 pounds of garlic (dry bulb weight) from his home garden.

"Once you taste the difference of homegrown garlic, you would know why I grow so much," Orsi said. He not only grows garlic but is noted for his gardens and fruit trees.

The audience enjoyed tasting examples of garlic salt, garlic powder and garlic spread on chips. This week is an excellent time for local gardeners to plant garlic, which will mature for harvest next August.

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