Thanks for supporting Friends of the Flags, thanks to volunteers

Posted: Friday, October 10, 2008

The 50 state flags that flew over Egan Drive this summer were taken down on Sept. 21 by our great crew for Friends of the Flags. (Luckily, it wasn't raining or blowing.)

This is the 31st continuous year the volunteers, who make up the FOTF's work crew, have installed the flags every spring and taken them down every fall for this community project.

Thanks to all of you who have graciously contributed this year and in years past during our annual spring fundraiser. (The city doesn't fund this project, although FOTF is a city Advisory Committee.) The flags you saw this year were purchased last fall. Your donations this year will allow us to purchase new flags this fall for next year's spring event.

Special thanks to our good friends at Tyler Rental for providing the crane we used to install the flags as public service. General Manger Steve Kikendall has generously donated this piece of equipment for many years. Dispatcher Mike Allison made the transport arrangements for the crane.

KINY and KSUP radio stations have provided public service announcements for us, put together by operations manager Kelly Peres. He also alerts the public over the air when the flag volunteers will be on the streets. Kelly is my co-chair for FOTF and he's also been with us since 1977.

Thanks to our volunteers. They were Jim Carroll and Hal Cleek, veterans who have been with us since we started; crane operator George Fisher, with Bob Banghart assisting; Hans Mercer; Pete Serrano and Wayne Hoyt.

Also, thanks to the Juneau Police Department for sending Officer Brook in a patrol car to further our safety with traffic. (This is very much appreciated, as it has slowed down the drivers, providing better safety for our crew.)

Rudy J. Ripley

Chairman, Friends of the Flags


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