McAdams is the only moderate in the Senate Race

Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2010

Joe Miller stands so far to the right that many Alaskans, by contrast, think of Lisa as a moderate. Lest you forget, Lisa abandoned that role when she joined the leadership of the Republican Party. In the last year she forgot Alaska and voted with the Republican leadership more than 90 percent of the time. Her conservative record includes votes against two women for the Supreme Court, attempting to privatize Social Security and voting to cut Medicare compensation by 20 percent.

We can also forget about calling her an appropriator. Murkowski voted against every Alaska project in appropriations bills this year including statewide health care clinics and infrastructure improvements in Coffman Cove, Hoonah and Petersburg. For a factual accounting of Lisa's conservative voting record go to The conclusion you will reach is that she is no longer a moderate.

The only moderate in the race for U.S. Senate is Scott McAdams. Fortunately, he is up to the job. He may have started as an unknown mayor from Sitka but now he is a serious and energetic contender for U.S. Senate. He outraised Murkowski and Miller with $650,000 in 30 days, the majority of which comes from Alaskans. He is a strong debater who has positioned himself as the one who will fight for Alaska's fair share of federal funds. McAdams is the only candidate with experience balancing public budgets and the only one who has had to cut a public budget. If you want to make sure Scott's not a liberal go to his website,, and check out his positions on resource development. They clearly articulate the position of an Alaskan moderate. So if you're looking for a moderate that will put Alaska's interest first, McAdams is your candidate. If you're looking for who can beat Miller, McAdams is also your candidate.

While Alaska has had three major write-in candidacies in our short 50 years, none have "looked good." Alaska can't dispute the routine presence of the name "Murkowski" on our ballots during the last 30 years, but names just as large have been felled by the write-in process and remember, on this test, spelling counts. Incumbent senator and founding father Ernest Gruening only attracted 17 percent as a write-in candidate in 1968. Former Gov. Wally Hickel set a record at 27 percent, but he mailed a sticker emblazoned with his name to every registered voter in the state. The practice of voters affixing a sticker, free of spelling errors, to their ballot is now illegal. In 1998's gubernatorial race Robin Taylor learned 6,000 voters have a creative way of spelling a common last name

If all the moderates and progressives come home and believe in the candidacy of McAdams, he wins. If all those likely to cast a vote for Harry Crawford for U.S. Congress cast their vote for McAdams, he wins. Murkowski has played political games with her votes in Washington D.C. for years, we as Alaskans shouldn't play political games with our one vote in this election.

The choice is relatively simple when you put it into bar terms. You can have Miller, Miller Lite or McAdams Stout. Yes, McAdams is stout in many ways. The choice is also simple when you put this election into simple voting terms. Vote your values and not your fears. This is McAdams' message to all Alaskans voting this Nov. 2nd.

• Troll is a long-time Alaskan with over 18 years engagement in fisheries and coastal policy. She is also the manager of McAdams' Juneau campaign office.

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